Enhanced Functionality

Fleet Management provides large fleet owners and brokers with a new, expanded set of tools to keep their haulers busy. With Fleet Management, you can:

  • Increase dispatching efficiency - Drag-and-drop dispatching, trucker groups, and job filters allow you to quickly find, claim, and dispatch your haulers to available jobs
  • Electronically access documentation and earnings - Reduce your administrative burden with electronic access to load slips and complete visibility to trucker earnings in real-time. Quickly message all of your haulers in the field to keep them aware of schedule changes.
  • View all of your haulers' location and schedule - Know the location of ALL of your employed and 3rd-party haulers, in real-time and on past jobs, without additional GPS tracking equipment. Brokers can see not only the location of their haulers on the map but also the location of haulers assigned by their brokered owners. View all requested, scheduled, in progress, and completed jobs by hauler, by shift, and by date. Change haulers and/or trucks on scheduled jobs with the the click of a button.
  • Grow your fleet on TRUX - Do you own more trucks that you haven't added via the TRUX mobile app, or are you looking to expand your fleet? Now it's even easier to add, organize, and manage them!


How do I access Fleet Management?

Existing TRUX fleet owners and brokers: Log in (on your desktop or laptop) with your current TRUX user name and password.  Log In.

Current Contractors using TRUX or TRUX Connect: Log in (on your desktop or laptop) with your current TRUX user name and password. Add your company-dedicated driver(s). Follow steps outlined below. 

Current Contractor with Company-Dedicated Drivers: Log in (on your desktop or laptop) with your current TRUX user name and password. Click the new button labeled "ACCEPT JOBS". Follow the prompts to request access to Fleet Management.



Not a current TRUX customer? Sign up online today or click the "Let's Talk" button to schedule a short phone call to learn more!


What Our Clients Say

"Using TRUX has allowed us to supplement our backlog and keep our trucks busy during our light days. Settlements are processed automatically at the end of the job and paid via direct deposit the next week. Easy, seamless and well documented – with excellent service."

- Jesus "Jesse" Quintanilla, Logistics Manager, TLC Trucking & Contracting

Let's Talk

"TRUX has helped me grow my business by providing the opportunity to work during the heavy season as much as possible. I now have two dump trucks and look to keep growing and have a third dump truck by next year. It’s a great company because you pick your own schedule and the shifts that work better for you."

- Jose Barahona, Owner, Jacob B Trucking