How Can Technology Help Your Contracting Business?

  • Finding Qualified Dump Trucks in your Market
  • Digitize Your Records
  • Track and Optimize Routes
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It All Starts with Finding the Right Trucks

Logisitics management software allows contractors to find the right trucks at the right time. Allocate your fleet to make the best profit:
Use data to better allocate resources. Dump truck logistics platforms backed by data help plan and optimize a project from start to finish. A healthy marketplace allows contractors to effectively fill shifts without manual and time-consuming processes. By digitally finding the trucks closest to you, transport and logistics management tools take the guesswork out of the equation.
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Booking Becomes a Breeze

With a dump truck booking software, contractors can keep track and fulfill all compliance needs for their fleets, view load slips digitally, and easily receive invoices.
Invoice via Platform Logistics Management Software

Keeping Tabs on Hired Trucking

You rely on hired trucking to get the job done, but hired trucking is also the area you have the least visibility into. With transport and logistics management tools, you now can gain access to this gray area of your operations.
Dump Truck Logistics Platform and Truck Driver Apps
A) Keep track of progress in real-time. GPS Tracking allows you to keep track of company-owned and hired trucking in one easy platform. Contractors can now keep track of progress, and receive notifications when a trucker arrives at a job site.
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B) Not only do you have to keep track of compliance, but you also have to keep track of all hired trucking and payout multiple invoices per job.
With a platform like TRUX, not only is logistics management more efficient but using its tools powerfully backed by data will take your business to the next level.

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