Modern Technology for Construction Logistics

TRUX has evolved our solutions over the last year, including robust fleet management tools, cycle-time tracking, and modern digital dispatching tools. With the launch of "Powered by TRUX" we are proud to announce the next wave of technology enabling material producers across the country to drive higher performance, larger profits, and better service to their customers.

Core "Powered by TRUX" Features

"Powered by TRUX" introduces two key new features for our enterprise customers: Order Delivery Tracker and Daily Dispatch Summary. These features combined with our existing solutions allows TRUX customers to maximize profits, manage operations, and better serve their customers.

  • Hauler GPS and ETA Solutions
  • First and Last Load Notifications
  • Integration with Scale House and Sales System
  • Automated Scale Data Reporting for Delivered Tickets
  • Downloadable Daily Summary
  • Digital Dispatching
  • Fleet Management
  • Cycle-Time Tracking
  • More to Come



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