What TRUX Contractor Users Have to Say

Using TRUX has allowed us to supplement our backlog and keep our trucks busy during our light days. Settlements are processed automatically at the end of the job and paid via direct deposit the next week. Easy, seamless and well documented – with excellent service.

Jesus “Jesse” Quintanilla
Logistics Manager, TLC Trucking & Contracting

Our partnership with TRUX has gone a long way for me in the in-house operations. It gives me the ability and clarity to see trucks in real-time – track them, monitor, and get a fleet of vehicles. In previous years, it would have taken me two or three hours to track down and locate. In a click of a button, I have trucks available at my disposal. Another feature I like is being able to see cost in real-time. By the end of the shift, I know what my hired trucking cost is for that project or job. Looking forward to seeing the new things that TRUX rolls out going forward.

Seth McNary
Director of Production, US Pavement Services



With TRUX you can post jobs & find the dump trucks you need quickly. Designate your favorite haulers, track trucks & manage compliance digitally. Our mobile app, TRUX Connect, specifically designed for busy contractors like you allows you to monitor job performance on the go!

Now, you can also keep your company-owned vehicles busy when work is slow with TRUX Fleet Management. Hire out your company-owned trucks through the marketplace. Select the jobs that make sense for your schedule and the drivers you know are skilled for the needs of the job.

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