3 Ways a Transportation Management System Reduces Logistics Costs

A transportation management system (TMS) allows you to handle your logistics more efficiently and helps you save money. By using a transportation management system you can increase the efficiency of your crew.

The ways that a TMS helps you facilitate better logistics management for your business are:

  1. Preventing Overpayments
  2. Route Insight
  3. Keeping Rates Consistent

Prevent Overpayments

Using a transportation management system to handle your logistics means you can save on overpayments. By using shift flagging technology, a transportation management system makes it easy for you to flag a discrepancy in real-time. Doing this alone will save you 8% on hauler overpayments.


The power of shift flagging technology alone will save you 8% on hauler overpayments.


Route Insight

When you can track and manage your route, you have more control over where haulers are driving. This way, you can better prepare the job site or quarry by informing them of their arrival.

Forget Inconsistent Rates

Because tracking gives you insight to the efficiency of your drivers, you have more confidence in what you pay. A transportation management system allows you to set clear criteria for rates and reduce inconsistencies.

TRUX Facilitates Better Logistics Management

A transportation management system like TRUX makes it easy for you to facilitate better logistics. By giving you maximum transparency, you can better understand how your logistics works.

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Transportation management system


By Lisa Rodon | January 6th, 2020 | transportation management system

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