Ways You Can Track Progress and Stay on Schedule

In every industry, project management relies on being able to track progress. For the dump truck industry, that means being able to track the progress of a job. Real-time visibility into job progress means contractors and material producers can make better decisions for their business.

That being said, there are ways to get the visibility necessary to take projects to the next level. The TRUX Order Delivery Tracker lets customers know when the next dump truck load will arrive at a jobsite. It’s used by some of the largest material producers in the nation as a transparency tool. Regardless of whether or not the end customer is a TRUX user, they view real-time progress via the web.

Key advantages of being able to track progress in real-time include:

  • Providing Transparency
  • Accurate dispatching


Providing Transparency to Customers (In Real-Time)

The Order Delivery Tracker sends a notification to customers to let them know the progress of an order. When customers are allowed to view the progress of a project, they can effectively plan ahead to prepare for the arrival of their materials.

The TRUX Order Delivery Tracker allows material producers to share this information with contractors to provide an extra level of transparency. This is key in elevating resource allocation to effectively complete a project.

TRUX Order Delivery Tracker allows all of your customers, regardless of whether or not they use TRUX, to track the progress of their orders in real-time and ensure job sites are ready to accept delivery of material. Order Delivery Tracker tells your customers:

· Where the order is on a map en route to/from the job site

· When the order is arriving - to prepare the job site and crew for delivery

· How much of the order is on its way

· Who (the truckers and dump trucks) is delivering the order


Keeping a Customer’s Schedule on Track

While the order delivery tracker lets a customer know which dump trucks are on the way, TRUX also uses modern digital technology to help dispatchers ensure that the day runs smoothly from the office. With real-time visibility into their full day’s work, across multiple jobs, they can utilize drag and drop technology to dispatch trucks, rather than endless phone calls to ensure appropriate trucking levels. This makes haulers happy because they don’t have to sit and wait in line, contractors happy because they know when material is arriving and can prepare the job site, and makes material producers happy because their plants run more efficiently.


TRUX Gives You Insight on Order Progress

Want to take advantage of these modern digital tools? You should ask your local material producer if they use TRUX. In the meantime, we offer valuable tools for contractors to manage their third-party hauling. With the TRUX Order Delivery Tracker, you now have unique insight into the progress of your orders. No more second-guessing when your load of material will arrive.

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By Lisa Rodon | February 24th, 2020 | track progress

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